If you are looking for financing, it is important to know the points that financial institutions take into account.

They may not grant us a personal loan if we do not meet the necessary requirements or if we do not pass the reliability test performed by the credit institution; That is why before applying for a personal loan it is important to study and know the points to be analyzed by financial institutions.

Why do you reject my request?

Why do you reject my request?

When requesting a loan, every financial entity will be responsible for evaluating and analyzing that we have the economic level necessary to meet the return fees on time; adding the interests agreed previously. Always maintaining a balance in our personal economy.

Sometimes it is difficult to find a bank that accepts our request, so in The Alvings we analyze your personal situation so that we can find the entity that accepts your request and offers you the credit you need.

What aspects do entities analyze?


Every entity will take into account aspects to ensure that we meet the required requirements, such as:

  • First, the credit history. The first thing that any bank will do when requesting a personal credit will be to check our history, that is, how many credits we have requested over time and which have been paid on time. For this, banks must request such information in the CIRBE.

  • On the other hand, the history of defaults. This refers to unpaid personal loans. Financial institutions will take into account if we are still in the process of returning another loan. In these cases, credit institutions will go to delinquent listings such as Credit Institutions to see if we are included in them. In the case of finding ourselves in a list of delinquents, it is very complicated to accept the request; Therefore, it is important to ensure that we have settled all of our accounts before requesting another loan.

  • Finally, financial institutions will study our ability to assume the payment of the requested credit. This is a feasibility study in which our income will be taken into account in order to cover the return fees on time. This capacity is the set of monthly income and the different expenses that we have monthly. With this the credit institution can get a pretty clear idea of ​​whether it will be possible to assume the installments or not.

In short, it is important to keep these three aspects in mind before applying for a personal loan with a credit institution; and try to resolve these points to make sure our request is approved.

These are the aspects that take into account when conducting internal solvency studies , however, most of the entities do not communicate to the client the reason why they reject their request.

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