Consumer credit: the washing machine is also revolutionizing

We do not do new with old, it is well known! So why deprive yourself of a new generation washing machine for longer?

We give you all the secrets of high performance household appliances. Technology never ceases to amaze you!

The washing machine gets smart

The washing machine gets smart

No more laundry chores with these new smart washing machines! Electronic sensors and programmers automatically adjust the amount of detergent, the rinse time, the spin speed, the washing temperature and the water consumption.

In addition, there is a wide choice of programs: deferred, steam, baby, anti-stain… with optimal security.

The revolutionary idea? Thanks to the additional portholes, you can now add laundry during the cycle. Without forgetting the attractive look of the new washing machines, which no longer stand out in your interior.

Good news for the environment and your wallet!

Good news for the environment and your wallet!

Choosing a recent washing machine also means respecting the environment. Thanks to these new technologies, you can save up to 44% on electricity and nearly 50% in terms of water consumption compared to old household appliances.

By adapting to the load of laundry, these 2.0 models also save you money in laundry.

So certainly, buying a washing machine is a high expense, but it pays off over time. And you can finance your appliances with consumer credit.

There are also different forms of consumer credit: revolving credit, assigned credit, personal loan or rental with option to buy. If you buy a washing machine, you can take out a personal loan.

An avalanche of new technologies

An avalanche of new technologies

It’s not just smartphones that are constantly innovating! For its washing machines, Samsung uses Eco-Bubbl e technology which allows an ideal washing at low temperature.

The Korean manufacturer also invented the Smart Control Wifi, to launch laundry remotely via its tablet or smartphone, follow its progress and create alerts.

Also stay connected to your Bosh washing machine thanks to its Home Connect function, and enjoy a perfect wash at 20 degrees with ActivOxygenTM.

The German brand has also created the i-Dos, a feature that automatically manages the amount of detergent. Whirpool washing machines, a historic player in the sector, are not to be outdone: the FreshCare + option guarantees you fresh laundry that smells good for 6 hours at the end of the cycle. And that in silence thanks to an induction motor…

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