Looking for a used car? Hacks to detect small failures

When choosing the first car, many Colombians prefer a used one, either because of the price comfort or because they are just gaining experience in front of the wheel.

Buying a used car requires a lot of attention

Buying a used car requires a lot of attention

While it is true that costs can be more comfortable in most cases, it is also true that buying a used car requires a lot of attention, since the idea is to get a good vehicle, not one that gives you problems.

To achieve this, it is necessary to look not only at the general things but also at the small details. Many drivers ignore small signals and end up with cars that stop working after a while.

What things should I look at? Here are four details that are often overlooked, but are important and necessary:

1. Watch it during the day 

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At night, things do not look clear. The best thing is that you can see the glade in the sunlight, and thus check that there are no scratches, that the paint is in good condition, etc.

2. Let the seller handle it first 

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Take a test drive, but let the owner drive it first. That way, you can pay attention to the way the car performs and the movements it performs.

3. Drive with the radio off 

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Doing so will allow you to hear the strange sounds or noises that the engine can make, both when riding and when braking.

4. Confirm that you are not reported for any crime 

Go to the Car Automotive Division and check that the vehicle is not involved in any crime, as this could cause problems in the future.

Remember that buying a used car does not mean that you should do it in cash or turn to lenders. You can always use specialized products, in this case, car loans. Compare the alternatives in Dottore and find the right one for your profile.

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